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 The PUR Hot Melt Glue Spreader is designed to apply hot melt coating and any coating materials that require heat for gluing.Both the coater rollers and doctor rollers are heated by one electrically thermal oil heaters, 10KW of power.


 Located within the frame of the machine,  to maintain a controlled temperature and compensate for the heat energy loss which naturally occurs on coating with various substrates.


All the rollers are mounted on each heat proof bearings and are filled with high temperature grease.The upper coater roller is a steel body,  covered with the silicone rubber on the surface, smooth, without grooves.The upper doctor roller is a steel body, covered with chrome.The lower dragging roller is a steel body, covered with chrome.The glue roller has vertical height adjustment for varying panel thicknesses, and the glue roller and doctor roller have gap  adjustment for differing adhesive thicknesses.


Servo motors provide very precise adjustment to save expensive PUR adhesive consumption during operation.The gap between the doctor roller and the glue roller may be adjusted from 0 ~ 60mm.The precise gap adjustment saves on adhesive loss during operation.The thermal system includes heaters, circulating pumps, inlet and outlet oil pipes, oil tanks, etc.All have the good heat insulation to protect the system from heat energy loss during operation.The machine has visual shields on both infeed and outfeed sides for safety during operation.The visual shields interlock and when opened, the rollers immediately stop turning.


The system is furnished with a PLC control panel which includes a touch screen interface.The controller maintains the temperature , overheat protection, turning speed of rollers adjustment and thermal oil transfer to the surface of coating and doctor rollers.Three idle lower rollers at the infeed conveyor for smooth panel sliding action.